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OPG (Dental X-Ray)

All practices in the The Oz Radiology Group are able to perform OPG and lateral cephalogram examinations, and at no cost to patients who have a current Medicare card.

We currently provide x-ray imaging services for dozens of referring dentists and orthodontists, and understand their requirements when it comes to accurate dental imaging.

An OPG examination (orthopantomogram) is a special x-ray to demonstrate all of the teeth, upper and lower, from ear to ear, on a single film. This gives an excellent overview of the entire dentition, and is especially valuable for orthodontics and for visualising the wisdom teeth.
Lateral cephalograms are used by orthodontists to see the relationship between upper and lower jaws, lips and gums, and for measuring the overbite etc - essential in planning treatment for straightening teeth.
Our equipment is also very useful for demonstrating the temporomandibular joints, which are the joints at the top of the jaw in front of the ears.

We use only the very latest high-frequency, low radiation equipment. We also utilise the latest automatic exposure control (AEC) to ensure the amount of x-ray used to get the image is perfect everytime. This means less chance of having to re-take the x-ray (which would increase your radiation dose), but also gives consistently high quality imaging to provide the most accurate diagnosis.

Our medical imaging technology staff are all highly trained to provide the best service possible, and of course they are accredited and registered - so you know you're in good hands!

In addition, all examinations are reviewed by a qualified Diagnostic Radiologist (x-ray specialist), who provides a written medical opinion of your x-rays.

Patients can either wait for their results (usually available around 40 minutes after your x-ray examination is completed), or pick them up at another time.
We have also set up electronic result delivery with participating GPs, and so your results are emailed directly to them and straight into your electronic record.

Please note that for privacy reasons, we cannot give out results to patients or doctors over the phone. We can however fax the result to a doctor once we have received a written authority to do so from the patient.